Mt Brandon, Dingle Ireland

ethanessig | Jun/ 2/ 2019 | 0

Today Noah and hiked mt Brandon after arriving in Dingle Ireland A mountain with a spiritual purpose. Similar to many peaks in the United States. This was a nice break from the group for my introverted mind. Our group was

Colorado: Winter Joy

ethanessig | Apr/ 29/ 2019 | 0

As I begin writing this, Will is eating spaghetti with his hands. I am in RMNP with Conor, Will, and Ryan. Ryan is new to our mountain band. We intended to do the climb up to Sky Pond. We sought

Why We Need Breaks:

ethanessig | Mar/ 25/ 2019 | 0

Most loves in this life require a pause. I am just not too good at seeing when that time has come, or it gets ignored. Being creative for Humble Adventures became too stressful. The fun of diving in was lost.

I am Back!

ethanessig | Mar/ 18/ 2019 | 0

Thankfully, I took a few months off from running Humble Adventures. If you want to see how that went, feel free to check out this link. I am behind on planning out the year of travel or at least sharing

My Winter Challenge:

ethanessig | Dec/ 10/ 2018 | 0

My Winter Challenge: I frequently discuss my love of winter. I enjoy hiking in winter more than any other time of year. This season I am issuing myself a challenge, and I welcome anyone to join me. The Challenge: 1.

My Photos:

ethanessig | Nov/ 19/ 2018 | 0

Photography can sometimes be made too complicated in my mind. With a camera, I have captured countless, beautiful moments. What do I capture in those moments? The Land: Mountains are an example of capturing the experience of being with the

Badlands Summer 2018

ethanessig | Sep/ 23/ 2018 | 0

Sitting here thinking about my experiences at Badlands National Park (Badlands), it feels challenging to put things into words. Let me start with some backstory of my relationship with the park. Our History: The Badlands and I have had some

Costa Rica: My Top 3 Recommendation

ethanessig | Sep/ 8/ 2018 | 0

Have you been to Costa Rica? I just went this summer, and it was terrific! This trip was taken with Elisa’s family, the Lanters. A family I am beyond thankful to be a part of. She, like myself, is from