Why Humble Adventures?
Live a beautiful life.
I Hope to inspire those who want adventure in their life but tell themselves circumstance won’t allow it. 
Many of us have work, families, and commitments. Those things are not hindrances on life, they are a gift and should be treated as such. We have all met people who use work and family as an excuse not to live life to its full potential.
I have the same daily life that most do. Full-time job, family and primary routines of the suburban existence, BUT I work to live a life of adventure and love.
That is the purpose of Humble Adventures; realizing that you don’t have to live in a van to be free and see the world. That way is beautiful but seems out of reach for most of us. It isn’t one extreme or the other. Find the balance of everything you love.
The How?
There is no clear-cut answer for what I described above. Some tactics will consistently work, but we often have to adapt. Here is a list of content you will find here on Humble Adventures that helps with the How:
  • Travel tips: Experiences are detailed on this platform with what went right and what went wrong. An example of what I talk about a lot is focusing on the 2-3 day trips. If you are willing to give up some sleep, a lot can be accomplished, and back at your desk by Monday.
  • Books: Reading is a way to learn from others. I love highlighting the aspects of books that impact me the most, always hoping they will do the same for you.
  • History: This somewhat goes to books, but I find a lot of inspiration in History. Reading about individuals and places around the world really get the mind racing.
Again, I’m not claiming to have all the answers, I’m sharing my experiences to help others with the same intentions as me.
The Result:
Doing everything that I want to do. Being in the wild, at the dinner table, and always working to be better.
Wanting to live a full life. I love my family, so I need that time. I love my job, so that takes energy. I love hiking mountains, that is a commitment. I love making photos, so that takes creativity. Writing is something I itch to do all the time.
All of that makes life complicated, and I am not alone in wanting to make life full. Lucky for me, everything in my life compliments the other, but it still takes work to make that happen.
Maybe my experience can help you in some way.
Thank you for stopping by!

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