My Camera

ethanessig | Jan/ 21/ 2018 | 0

My camera came into my life at an opportune moment; recovering from having surgery on my liver. It was the beginning of an annoying eight months of recovery (originally supposed to be six weeks…). My parents got me a Nikon

Is it all about the Summit?

ethanessig | Jan/ 20/ 2018 | 0

There is a beginning, middle, and end to everything. Where is your focus? I will tell you what I end up thinking about a lot because most of you do the same. I think about the future. I think about

Is it an escape?

ethanessig | Jan/ 18/ 2018 | 0

“Travel will give you knowledge of other countries, it will show you mountains whose outlines are quite new to you, stretches of unfamiliar plains, valleys watered by perennial streams; it will allow you to observe the unique features of this

Students of the Wolf

ethanessig | Jan/ 18/ 2018 | 0

“Some wolf packs may have learned how to stampede bison off cliffs, then feasted on the animals mangled and killed in the fall. There are anthropologists who believe that Indian hunters learned the technique of the bison jump from this

I traveled every month in 2017: This is how I did it

ethanessig | Jan/ 18/ 2018 | 2

2017 started with a list of goals. One of those goals and the loftiest was to travel somewhere outside of Kansas City every month of the year. When I set this purpose, I probably had half of the trips already