Tribe of Mentors: My Top 5 Lessons

ethanessig | Mar/ 26/ 2018 | 0

Most books have a life lesson or two hidden away in their pages. History books help us learn from the past. Philosophy books give wisdom on how to think. Psychology books give us the tools to dive a bit deeper

A Complete Trip:

ethanessig | Mar/ 12/ 2018 | 0

So, I took a trip halfway through January with Elisa to Boulder Colorado. We did something we didn’t do all of 2017. We made a complete trip. A blend of all the good stuff. I wrote about how I traveled

A Crazy Story About Crazy Horse

ethanessig | Feb/ 26/ 2018 | 2

Any of us who have taken a history class have learned of Crazy Horse, one of the most famous Sioux warriors of his time. We learn about his great deeds in battle from books and movies like Bury my Heart

The Beauty of the Badlands:

ethanessig | Feb/ 4/ 2018 | 0

One of my three goals this year is to visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. That is a two-day drive for me. When I go to these places, I always take I-80, up and through South Dakota. Let me

Airplane Chillin

ethanessig | Jan/ 24/ 2018 | 0

Think about the places you feel most at peace. Okay, write down the top three. What are they? I will tell you mine: Airplanes Lamar Valley With my family Airplanes: I went through a phase when I hated flying. I

The hike that almost killed us

ethanessig | Jan/ 22/ 2018 | 0

“Get down! Get the fuck off the mountain!” The above quote is from the summit of Mount Blanca in Colorado. Blanca is the fourth highest 14er in Colorado. It stands at a towering 14,344 feet. Safe to say, Blanca is

What am I doing in 2018?

ethanessig | Jan/ 21/ 2018 | 0

We are two weeks into 2018. I am a bit behind on getting my goals out to the world. I have decided to do three goals for Humble Adventures this year. They are simple goals. I won’t make the same

I just wanted to say thank you

ethanessig | Jan/ 21/ 2018 | 0

It was a chilly afternoon on January 6th. I was a few hours away from one of the most fantastic moments of my life; hosting my first photography exhibition. Looking back, it is all a whirlwind. Moments of excitement, connection,