Colorado: Winter Joy

ethanessig | Apr/ 29/ 2019 | 0

As I begin writing this, Will is eating spaghetti with his hands. I am in RMNP with Conor, Will, and Ryan. Ryan is new to our mountain band. We intended to do the climb up to Sky Pond. We sought

I am Back!

ethanessig | Mar/ 18/ 2019 | 0

Thankfully, I took a few months off from running Humble Adventures. If you want to see how that went, feel free to check out this link. I am behind on planning out the year of travel or at least sharing

My Photos:

ethanessig | Nov/ 19/ 2018 | 0

Photography can sometimes be made too complicated in my mind. With a camera, I have captured countless, beautiful moments. What do I capture in those moments? The Land: Mountains are an example of capturing the experience of being with the

Badlands Summer 2018

ethanessig | Sep/ 23/ 2018 | 0

Sitting here thinking about my experiences at Badlands National Park (Badlands), it feels challenging to put things into words. Let me start with some backstory of my relationship with the park. Our History: The Badlands and I have had some

A Creepy Hike:

ethanessig | Apr/ 8/ 2018 | 0

Not Your Typical Outdoor Tale: Going on a hike for me is often about finding peace and challenge. That combo does not always come together perfectly. This Creepy Hike you are about to read about was more unsettling than peaceful.