Why We Need Breaks:

ethanessig | Mar/ 25/ 2019 | 0

Most loves in this life require a pause. I am just not too good at seeing when that time has come, or it gets ignored. Being creative for Humble Adventures became too stressful. The fun of diving in was lost.

I just wanted to say thank you

ethanessig | Jan/ 21/ 2018 | 0

It was a chilly afternoon on January 6th. I was a few hours away from one of the most fantastic moments of my life; hosting my first photography exhibition. Looking back, it is all a whirlwind. Moments of excitement, connection,

My Camera

ethanessig | Jan/ 21/ 2018 | 0

My camera came into my life at an opportune moment; recovering from having surgery on my liver. It was the beginning of an annoying eight months of recovery (originally supposed to be six weeks…). My parents got me a Nikon