Why We Need Breaks:

ethanessig | Mar/ 25/ 2019 | 0

Most loves in this life require a pause. I am just not too good at seeing when that time has come, or it gets ignored. Being creative for Humble Adventures became too stressful. The fun of diving in was lost.

I am Back!

ethanessig | Mar/ 18/ 2019 | 0

Thankfully, I took a few months off from running Humble Adventures. If you want to see how that went, feel free to check out this link. I am behind on planning out the year of travel or at least sharing

My Winter Challenge:

ethanessig | Dec/ 10/ 2018 | 0

My Winter Challenge: I frequently discuss my love of winter. I enjoy hiking in winter more than any other time of year. This season I am issuing myself a challenge, and I welcome anyone to join me. The Challenge: 1.

The Lessons of the Hike

ethanessig | Aug/ 15/ 2018 | 0

I had a realization in Grand Teton National Park (GTNP) that should have happened a long time ago. Hiking is the moment we face the things causing trouble in our life, not the time to push it away. It was

I Failed at My Nature Routine:

ethanessig | Jun/ 18/ 2018 | 0

If you missed my blog about my Nature Routine for May, click here first. I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn

Tribe of Mentors: My Top 5 Lessons

ethanessig | Mar/ 26/ 2018 | 0

Most books have a life lesson or two hidden away in their pages. History books help us learn from the past. Philosophy books give wisdom on how to think. Psychology books give us the tools to dive a bit deeper

A Complete Trip:

ethanessig | Mar/ 12/ 2018 | 0

So, I took a trip halfway through January with Elisa to Boulder Colorado. We did something we didn’t do all of 2017. We made a complete trip. A blend of all the good stuff. I wrote about how I traveled

What am I doing in 2018?

ethanessig | Jan/ 21/ 2018 | 0

We are two weeks into 2018. I am a bit behind on getting my goals out to the world. I have decided to do three goals for Humble Adventures this year. They are simple goals. I won’t make the same