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Today Noah and hiked mt Brandon after arriving in Dingle Ireland

A mountain with a spiritual purpose. Similar to many peaks in the United States.

This was a nice break from the group for my introverted mind. Our group was amazing, but on this kind of excursions, alone time can be challenging to come by. We had three hours to reach the summit and get back down. It was glorious. This was the most like hiking lord of the rings.

We kicked off the trail in the wrong direction. Heading to the right and ending up about 300 yards from the trail. Our path would have continued to be the wrong one if we did not see several people walking, crosses, and white posts by them. Pretty obvious we need to angle back to the trail. I was happy to find the path packed and rocky. Much more comfortable than the rest of the soft mushy field.

The elevation is right at 3000 ft. I am struggling to find the actual gain on Google, so help is welcomed. The overall height of the mountain is not terrifying, but you start entirely from the bottom, so it is the difficulty of a moderate mountain hike in Colorado or out of a canyon in Utah.

The trail continued straight up and no switchbacks. Sheep scattered the whole way.

The stations of the cross marked our progress to some degree. The distance they were spread did not seem to have any real pattern besides number.

Once on the actual trail, we made a great time. Able to scale the mountain quickly and enjoy ourselves at the same time. We pushed it up so we would have that time to relax and take in Dingle from the top. We were both impressed with our cardio. It is good to have a humble brag in the blog.

The trail stayed the same as we approached the one and only false summit. I love them (said no one who hikes EVER). Our treck turned to a higher angle and more large rocks. The change sparked a fire. We had to keep pace if we wanted to have some relax time. Our little mountain was providing great excitement.

Our way began to level out and wind around the right side of Brandon. This resulted in 2-3 switchbacks to reach the summit. Turning back around to the left, I was given a straight view to the top. The final cross and blue sky were waiting.

Noah had fallen behind because of rocks and crystals that caught his eye. I sat 50 yards from the top to wait for my brother. Once he got to me, up, we went.

Dingle peninsula was in full view. We saw the cliffs called the Three Sisters, and a loin island called the Sleeping Giant (a small island that resembles a human face sticking out of water). My favorite view was on the opposite side that we climbed. Looking down, you could see beautiful blue pools, surrounded by the green and rocks of the mountainside. I will be back to climb that side of the mountain.

Noah and I sat down in this lovely grass patch on the side of the pools. The cross was behind us. We settled down for a little while to write and take the scene in. I admired the landscape of Dingle. Fields, mountains, cliffs, sheep, cows, bars, and people. It is a fantastic collage of life.

The clouds came in at the same time we needed to meet our guide, Frankie, back at the van.

The mountains of Ireland are something worth going to explore. They may not have the best numbers to brag about. The summit will still make you work for it. There are also plenty of friendly places to go grab a pint after your accomplishment.

Thankful that a mountain from a different land came into my life. Grateful that my brother hiked it with me. Thankful for the people that care for it. Thankful for Mt Brandon.

Thanks for reading.


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