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Most loves in this life require a pause. I am just not too good at seeing when that time has come, or it gets ignored. Being creative for Humble Adventures became too stressful. The fun of diving in was lost.
My absence was not meant to be a dramatic one. I simply, wanted to give myself a few months to get my focus back. Get back in touch with the original purpose of Humble Adventures.
Share photos, adventure, and stories of wonderful people.
There are some great opportunities to make this come true in 2019. Some great conversations are set up for the podcast, I’m taking more pictures than ever and am looking forward to some writing projects that have been put off for too long.
What I learned from the break:
I added a considerable amount of burdens on a part of my life that was supposed to be somewhat of an escape. Recognize what the purpose of something is, and don’t try to twist it. Something that I do in all aspects of my life.
I am happy to be back to sharing my work more consistently.
Excited to grow.

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