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Thankfully, I took a few months off from running Humble Adventures. If you want to see how that went, feel free to check out this link.
I am behind on planning out the year of travel or at least sharing it. Here is a breakdown of the current travel plans. I will include where I visited while on the break.
We took the yearly trip to Disney world. It was a blast! Elisa went with my family for the first time. Indeed thankful for the time.
Elisa and I stayed a long weekend in Fort Collins. I love our weekend trips to the mountains. There is a separate story about the link here.
Conor and I are doing some long hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park. We at least know that we are doing Sky Pond. Currently using the training routine so it can be a fun and safe time.
Colorado for the third month in a row. Elisa and I are getting married this year. My bachelor party is in RMNP and Boulder. I wanted to fit in some last mountain hikes before the busy summer and new destinations. I will get to experience it with some great friends. Thankful!
My first trip to Europe! My family is going to Ireland to explore for a couple of weeks, so stoked!
Not sure. Most likely stay home.
Conor and Alyssa are getting married so I will be headed back to Colorado! In the wedding, so it will be a nice long weekend.
I am home for my wedding! Woooo!!
Italy and Germany with my wife. We will visit everything from the beach to the Black Forest. Cannot wait!
From September I am not sure what I will do. I am not sure if I will feel like traveling much. By the time I get back from the honeymoon, I will undoubtedly miss my mountains in Colorado. This year is really a lot of time in familiar places in the US and almost a month in Europe by the time it is all done. I am thankful I can say I have this much put together.
What is one place I would love to see for the first time in the states?
I would love to do some fall mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest. Also, now that I started a coffee company, seeing how Kansas City is compared to Portland and Seattle would be really fun.
So many places to go and only one life to do it in.

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