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Photography can sometimes be made too complicated in my mind.

With a camera, I have captured countless, beautiful moments.

What do I capture in those moments?

The Land:

Mountains are an example of capturing the experience of being with the land. I look at the rock with joy. My anxieties shrink. This is the gift of being where we are meant to be. The same can be said for d


eserts, streams, and forests. The contribution of this planet is something to impact all of our hearts.

The Creatures:

Bears, Elk, and Bison. The other animals we get to share the world with. This summer I captured some shots of black bears. Looking back on the photos, a scene comes back to me, watching the bear navigate and explore the world. A pure moment. A pure observation.


Humans are something I recently have been attempting to take photos of. This is not always my best work but is sometimes more enjoyable than photographing anything else. The reason for that is that I have really only shot people close to me. There is a certain amount of joy that I feel when editing the photos of these loved ones. Seeing my brother enjoying the result of hiking up the mountain. Capturing Elisa observing her favorite animal. It seems to increase my ability to sit back, and really see how beautiful these souls are._DSC1699.jpg

The Point:

Some people recommend that you have to find your nitch as a photographer. Until recently, I would have said mine is landscape photography. But that isn’t really true; I use my camera to experience life. Everything listed above is a part of my life that I am grateful for. My goal is to share those moments.


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