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Have you been to Costa Rica?
I just went this summer, and it was terrific!IMG_0656
This trip was taken with Elisa’s family, the Lanters. A family I am beyond thankful to be a part of.
She, like myself, is from a family of 6, so add me in, and there are seven on this trip (I math good).
Our destination was the Papagayo Peninsula in Costa Rica. Just a bit south of Liberia. We were staying at Exclusive Resorts on the Peninsula. The house was beautiful, and the people were even more amazing. Everywhere we went the people were great.
A lot of activities and relaxation time were accomplished on this trip. This blog and podcast are going to take on the tough task of narrowing down the top three events. Companies and locations will be included.
This is my top 3, but I much enjoyed it all. These are in no particular order. Just the way they are exiting my mind.
1. Diamante Superman Canopy Zip Line: This was an epic experience. Elisa, Annette, Alek, Lukas, and I went on this mile worth of significant zip line. Diamante does a beautiful job building you up to the Superman section of the zip line. You start with a short part to get the adrenaline going. The feeling of comfort is taken as the open bus takes you up a steep hill. It seems like any stopping will result in the vehicle rolling over. The day we did this, the sky was cloudy, which did not help the nerves. You go down in pairs. Elisa and I went together. You have to scream derogatory language, or you aren’t really having fun (take that part out for the kids). The Superman section is 45 seconds down, and it is all a great time. After that, you zip line back to the clubhouse or keep going down to the zoo. That is what we did, and it is an excellent way to cap off the excitement. The zoo has all the local mammals, reptiles, and birds you could want.
2. Four Wheeling: There are a lot of companies that provide this service I will run through what the seven of us did. We were taken to a farm. The purpose of this farm was four wheeling, horse riding, and raising cattle. It was a sunny day, but we knew there would be a lot of mud for us to drive through. Our route was driving down to the coast and back up. Plenty of fun spots to speed up and get crazy. It was nice to have some time down on the beach. It was a few locals and us. The overall process was excellent. You see a farm, the jungle, and a secluded beach. Can you ask for a better combination?
CostaRica02 (1 of 1)
3. Hiking: This is a personal favorite and something I did alone for most of my time. On Peninsula Papagayo, there is a trail system through the jungle. In the hills, stairs and bridges are set up. On the beach, you are just running or hiking on a regular trail. For someone from the states, it is a great experience to see what the jungle is like. You see animals and fantastic views of the beach. It was exhausting, but I felt like I had to do it every day. It was a beautiful experience. There are entrances to the trail system all around the peninsula, so just pick and go!
Costa Rica is a fantastic place with beautiful people, animals, and landscapes. The great thing about being there and doing these activities is, I grew as a person. Traveling this place helped me build relationships and focus on myself. That is why we travel and what we hope to get out of it.
If you go to Costa Rica, I hope you find this helpful, or my little stories help inspire you.

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