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Something I don’t discuss often is my family trips. I should because I go on them a lot.
I love a good family trip. Excellent dinners, catching up with loved ones, and moments of growth together.
My family is big on travel, and we typically go on two trips together in a year. This year the big summer trip was to Siesta Key, Florida. This beautiful beach town is on the Gulf side of Florida, and justan hour South of Tampa.
We spent the week just chilling at the beach and in the house. It was the perfect setting to relax and spend time together. But what did we do during all that “chill” time?
On the Beach:
* My siblings and I typically spend a chunk of time “fighting” the waves. This ocean time is an opportunity to get a bit crazy and feel the freedom of the ocean. We also look ridiculous out there, and that is part of the fun.
* Elisa spends time in the water and soaking in the sun. She can tan while I sit there with a long sleeve shirt.
* We all take nice long walks down the coast. Best way to get to know the new place.
* Most of us read as well. Reading is my Mom’s main activity.
* My Dad only hunts for shells. He has some insanely high standards for what a “good” shell is. I respect the focus when on the hunt.
* I typically do a little bit of everything, but I can’t stand to be sandy for too long. Usually hanging out for two hours tops.
At the House:
* Half our time at the house was outside together, talking or reading. There is always a conversation about favorite memories. Best holidays, birthdays, and so on. Those are moments when you get to appreciate all the gifts that you have.
* Card games are a staple of my family. We play a game called Shanghai (a version of Rummy). It gets super intense and takes a while to finish. Everyone gets called an asshole at least once.
* This last trip Noah and I did a lot of planning at the house. We also recorded The War of Art podcast in Siesta Key. My most favorite episode to date.Getaways are always an excellent place to think on new and creative ideas.
* The Essig clan is prominent on going out to dinner and trying the local fare. Most of the trip we tried local recipes for red snapper, grouper, and duck. There is typically one night of beef consumption. We are from the Midwest, so hard to go too long without it.
* Like our time at the house, dinner is an opportunity to catch up, share stories, and laugh. Our meals become more critical as we grow older and start to build our own lives. Noah and Lydia are off at school most of the year. These are opportunities to connect on a deeper level than text or phone call. I am indeed thankful for them.
Being Thankful:
Not everywhere I go wilderness and adventure. It is essential to get the types of trips described above if you can. I know getting the timing down with the whole family can be a struggle. We have to do a lot of planning to find that open spot on the calendar. Remember, it is worth it. Never brush it off as too hard or not possible. There is always something to be done to get together with your loved ones and have this time.
I am thankful all my loved ones recognize that, and I get to share journeys with them.
I appreciate you reading or listening!

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