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I am in the middle of the Nature Fix. This book is about getting back to nature. I don’t mean, live in a van, and poop outside the rest of your days. I suggest finding a balance between your crazy life and our fundamental relationship with nature.

Below will be the nature routine I will be following in May. You can find it on page 35 of The Nature Fix. Qing Li of Japan is the individual is who created this routine:


* Go to a natural area at least once a month. For me, this will be a state park or wilderness area near Kansas City. Camping would be preferred, but spending most of a day there will be fine.
* Li recommends this over visiting a city. I know some of us still enjoy that. Make time for both.


* Visit any park at least once a week. Pick a park with the most trees, helps us feel more blocked off from what is going on outside of this park.


* Take a brief walk to get some fresh air.


I will write a follow-up blog at the end of May. I will document results of this routine and see if anything will need to be tweaked for the next month.

Feel free to try this with me! I would love to see how nature changes your everyday life.

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