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Not Your Typical Outdoor Tale:
Going on a hike for me is often about finding peace and challenge. That combo does not always come together perfectly. This Creepy Hike you are about to read about was more unsettling than peaceful. The challenge requirement was met!
I had a good time, but it was an odd experience overall. Here is a story about the factors that made it that way.
A Creepy Hike:
A cloudy Saturday afternoon, at the beginning of Spring.
Noah, Logan, and I made our way to a State Park called Watkins Mill. This place is a historic site in Kearney, Missouri. The delightful area where Noah and I grew up. We had never gone to this trail before. Looking to relax and get some peace, we headed out.
Noah told us stories from our favorite superheroes most of the way, distracting us from what we were passing.
* An abandoned home a mile into the trail. Boarded up and falling apart.
* A cemetery in the middle of the woods.
* A single deer leg.
* Something loud in the brush along the trail.
These things individually are not the weirdest things ever, but all coming together made this a creepy hike.
This journey was enjoyable. We had a good conversation the whole time. Noah and I got to see a part of our home that was new to us. A win in the adventure book.
But we could not help but feel a little weird as we drove away. Just an odd feeling.
If you are driving down I-35 through Missouri, I suggest stopping to check out this creepy trail. I am sure it is much less disturbing on a bright summer day, but you never know.
Thanks for reading!

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