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So, I took a trip halfway through January with Elisa to Boulder Colorado. We did something we didn’t do all of 2017. We made a complete trip. A blend of all the good stuff.
I wrote about how I traveled every month in 2017, and how amazing it was, but it was also exhausting. Every trip was GO GO GO. The new year had to be kicked off at a different pace.
This trip was a lesson to me, and I hope it can be a lesson for my fellow adventurers who thrive off the fast-paced life.
The intention of this blog is not to tell a detailed account of the trip, but a layout of all the components that made it needed and perfect. The best way I can think to break this down is the following: Friends, Love, and Solitude.
Here is a breakdown of our night out with our pals:
1. We started at a wine bar in downtown Denver. My night was made at this point. Malbec, friends, and Elisa. The world was complete!
2. Time to eat dinner.  The wine continued to flow, and so did the conversation. There were roughly 15 of us at this point.
3. Our group split, and we ventured to some louder bars. At this point, I begin not to be able to handle life. Not one for busy, noisy areas, but we didn’t stay long.
4. We perfectly cap off the night. Enjoying nice scotch and reliving funny stories.
Why is this night essential to the mix? Elisa and I were tired from travel and entertaining each other. It wasn’t only significant to see our friends, but it was also a good break from owning the moment.
We travel to escape and gain perspective. Use the fresh environment to reset. Why is it crucial for me and Elisa to explore together? Stop, think, and experience something new together. That was one of the most beautiful things about this “chill trip.”
Here is what we discovered together:
* A great breakfast place called Foolish Craig’s Cafe. Beautiful art on the wall. Omelets and pancakes that will change your perspective on life.
* The brand called Mountain Standard. One of my new favorite outdoor retailers. Unique gear for guys and girls.
* The Flatirons are big and beautiful. Before this trip, I had made one trail in the Flatirons before a flight, so my time was too brief. We spent quality time exploring the area together. No rush to get from A to B. It was just the two of us taking in the experience together.
* We love a good wine bar.
Elisa, thank you for doing these things with me.
Spending time with friends and a significant other has equal weight to solitude in the process of self-discovery, which leads us to the last quality that creates a chill trip.
Solitude is something many of us venture out to accomplish. A trip alone is a necessity from time to time.
But, how did you accomplish this on a trip with Elisa?
First, I wouldn’t phrase it as an accomplishment (it was not intended). Having some time alone just happened. I can’t sleep in and Elisa can. Each morning I got time to write and read in the hotel lobby. Chilling, reflecting, and enjoying my day as everyone hustled around. It was nice.
The Lesson:
Take the time to slow down and appreciate life. Do it with the people you love. Do it for yourself.

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