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On January 6th, 2018, I hosted my first Photography Exhibition. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. A sense of fulfillment was for me the entire night. The experience provided me a lot of learning opportunities. In this blog, I hope to outline what I think went well and could have gone better.


What Went Well:

1. My Photo Selection: I spent a lot of time attempting to balance out what types of photos I was going to display. A mountain landscape is beautiful, but a lot of people have that in their portfolio. I shared the mountain scenes that I had to work hard to get. The ones you can’t get from the side of the road. Overall, a balance of all the people and landscapes photographed this year is what I needed to display. The photos of the subjects that grabbed me the most. Photos from Zion and North Carolina allowed me to tell a lot of stories, and share a variety of memories with the people who attended.

2. Including Friends and Family: This would have been difficult to do alone. More importantly, it would have been much less fulfilling to do it alone. Having family and friends there supporting me from start to finish made the event more meaningful than I ever thought possible.

3. The Story Behind the Photo: This is something that surprised me. Most of the night, I was telling detailed accounts of the story each photograph held. Our conversations made sharing the photos more exciting and intimate. People became more connected to my work than just thinking; “Cool picture of a mountain.”

What Needs To Be Improved: Naturally, this list could be longer, but I will focus on the top three things I could change.

1. Breakout: I had a high turnout, and some people I didn’t know attended, and that was very cool. I could have done a better job ahead of time getting the word out to people I didn’t do. I can admit now that fear kept me from posting more about it, and doing more boots to the ground marketing. But I now have the confidence needed to make that move.

2. Hey, You can Buy: Make it known that the photographs are available for purchase. Many people were interested but didn’t know if the displays were open. A note or price tag would have been helpful to those who attended.

3. Display More Work: There was a TV in the event space. I knew about this ahead of time. I can only display so many photos in the gallery. The digital tool could have been used to share more photos that I love.

Why I am Proud:

Holy shit. I cannot believe that this night happened to me. A moment that evolved, really, over several years, and it all comes together. I am proud because it happened. I set out to share my work in this way, and I did.

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