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Think about the places you feel most at peace.
Okay, write down the top three.
What are they?
I will tell you mine:
  1. Airplanes
  2. Lamar Valley
  3. With my family
I went through a phase when I hated flying. I thought I would certainly die. The last two years I have fallen in love with it. The clarity I can gain while in a tube in the sky is amazing. It is a beautiful opportunity to shut out the rest of the world. Just don’t turn on the wifi. You can dive into your mind. Think without the interruption of that phone. I am not crazy. Appreciate your flights more.
Lamar Valley:
This is an easy one right? Lamar Valley is one of the highlights of Yellowstone National Park. A place to see the fearsome Druid wolf pack, or thousands of Bison moving across the plain. Bears moving along the tree line, looking for something to eat. A place that is full of life. Something we would have seen all across the country centuries ago, but is now in this one spot. Accepting the significance of what you are seeing takes thought of anything else away. You get to a part of a sacred place. How can you not feel peace?
With the Family:
How can friends and family not make the list? Time with the people that understand you the best makes everything better.
Thank You:
I appreciate your participation in this thought exercise. I have no idea why, but I suddenly wanted to do it, so I figured I would share. Have a great day!

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