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We are two weeks into 2018. I am a bit behind on getting my goals out to the world. I have decided to do three goals for Humble Adventures this year. They are simple goals. I won’t make the same mistake of making a giant list like last year.

Here are my goals, and a brief description of why they are essential.

Goal 1: My first goal of the year is to connect with more people in my communities (blogging, photography, travel). I intend to do this by expanding the avenues of my content. More video and audio. I was hesitant to make this commitment. I didn’t want to add the amount of time it would take to execute them correctly, but with thought, I believe I found the proper way to do it. I am going to experiment a bit, and it will be a blog all its own.

Goal 2: Go to a new location. I traveled every month in 2017 and went to some new places. The unique experience was not necessarily a priority, even though the year was full of them. In 2018, I want to be more conscious about going somewhere out of my comfort zone. I have several ideas. We will see with one come to life.

Goal 3: Go somewhere old. By old, I mean anywhere I have been before. I am committed to making my way back to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Two of my favorite places in the world. It has been two years since I have been there. It is time to go back. So far it is my brother and myself making the trip. Cannot wait.

Your Goals:

I appreciate you guys reading and would love some feedback on the goals. I would also like to hear what you are doing for 2018. As always, thank you all.

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