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“Some wolf packs may have learned how to stampede bison off cliffs, then feasted on the animals mangled and killed in the fall. There are anthropologists who believe that Indian hunters learned the technique of the bison jump from this wolf strategy.”
I hope everyone enjoyed the somewhat graphic opening quote from Dan Flores book American Serengeti. This quote grabbed me when reading the history of wolves on the Great Plains of America. More quotes from this section did the same and will follow. What stood out to me? That is easy, the idea that we learned from some of the best hunters in the world, and if that is true, wolves played a pivotal role in what we are today. That is pretty meta.
Lessons from the Wolf:
This idea of learning from wolves has come up several times in the last week. The first time, I was in a meeting for work, discussing leadership. One of my peers brought up that she had seen a video on in a wolf pack, the leader stays at the back, observing the pack and the surroundings. For our company, that is a great lesson. The leader cannot manage/protect the pack if they are in the middle, surrounded by distraction. A beautiful and simple lesson.
A psychologist Caveath Read, proposed in the 1920’s that humans had developed their social structure from observing the canid species around the (American Serengeti). Again, a wonderful idea of how the world brings species together. Something we can still learn from today.
Why bring this up?
The three lessons above give us wolves from a different perspective than we are used to. More than just a thing in books and zoos that we can access at our pleasure. If we accept those lessons, they become a part of us in some way. But that realization, like so many, makes things a bit harder. We have to be aware of wolves and their place in this world, just like any other creature.
Don’t forget these free lessons from the past and present. Appreciate what the wolf has given. Remember that they were almost taken away from this continent. Most of all, keep learning.
Possibly reach out to Wolf Research center to tag donation link.

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