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I have been doing my best to knock out some books lately. Keeping my typical rotation of science, history, and philosophy. We look to books for escape. To go into a world we don’t know, and learn from it. I hope you enjoy these books.
My First Summer in the Sierra:John Muir
John Muir is a figure that most outdoor enthusiasts are aware of. This book is a daily account of John’s summer of herding sheep across the Sierras, and Yosemite Valley. Every entry is a poem. I am filled with envy of Muir’s ability to describe the world around him. The words are filled with appreciation and beauty. Something we all feel when we are in the wild, but struggle to put elegantly on paper.
There was something that I appreciated about this book that was unexpected. Muir displayed work/adventure balance throughout the book. He made a deal with his boss. Muir would work on getting the herd to their winter destination, but he needed the ability to disappear from time to time. He was granted this freedom. Muir took advantage at every turn, while still being a productive employee. John Muir; one of the original lifestyle coaches.
A lot is in the short account of Muir’s summer. Read it and you will take something valuable away.
The Invention of Nature: Alexander Von Humboldt’s New World; Andrea Wulf
Alexander Humboldt led a beautiful, adventurous, tortured and full life. His beliefs and values were beyond his time. Humboldt grew up in Prussia. His family was wealthy, and close with the Royal Family. It was obvious at a young age that Alexander would not fit in to the royal lifestyle. Constantly exploring the wilderness surrounding his home. Humboldt looked to escape Europe in his mid 20’s.
South America was his first expedition. This is where his ideas on nature would be confirmed. Witnessing life operate as a whole. All forms having a part to play. Humboldt spent time on the jungle floor, and submitting the peaks of the Andes. He had to see it all.
The South American expedition would also make Humboldt incredibly famous. From Berlin to Paris, he would be sought after as one of the greatest minds of his time.
Humboldt lived a long life. Full of adventure, writing, and countless hours of invaluable conversation. A figure to look up to, learn from, and remember.
Muir and Humboldt lead lives of adventure. Looking for challenges to enrich their lives. It is fun to end the day reading about their lives, but don’t forget to take something from it. Turn their lessons into action, and find your own adventure. That is exactly what they did.
Thank you for reading. Please feel free to send any books or articles my way that you think I would enjoy.

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